About Us

In This Together LA is a coalition of artists, activists, and organizers within greater Los Angeles working to sow solidarity, action, and mutual aid throughout the Southland. Growing from the devastation and turmoil following the murder of George Floyd, our platform was built to accessibly consolidate and disseminate the numerous protests and direct actions occuring daily throughout Los Angeles. In response to increased visibility, we have additionally used our feed to advocate for local voting guides, raise money for LA-based mutual aid funds, and highlight the individuals and organizations making a constructive difference in our city each and every day. 

Founded on principles of abolition, anti-capitalism, and a firm belief in accomplices over performative allyship, In This Together LA centers and uplifts dialogue and action concerning Indigenous sovereignty, Black feminism, transgender equality, immigration protection, tenants’ rights, safety for the unhoused, dismantling the prison industrial complex, defunding the police, decriminalizing sex work, and decolonization in all forms. Our fight stands on unceded Tongva territory, and all that we do together is in recognition of generations of their stewardship. 

Contact us at [email protected]